Canvas Painting

Whether it be on the beach or in the studio come in, grab a canvas and make something amazing!  We have group classes for beach painting and then other types of painting inside the studio.  Its a beautiful day outside...  stand in our sand pit and get creative that way as well.  


Acrylic Pouring 

We have many different size canvas to choose from.  With lots of colors and ideas the creativity is endless.  Come in with friends and family or just by yourself.  We can help you if you get stuck.  Acrylic pouring is a special technic that uses paint, dryer and creativity to make something beautiful.  You will be able to take it home that day, so make a reservation now and lets get messy with paint. 


Beach Painting

Get your friends and family out to the beach this year and paint a fun sea turtle painting that is pre sketched or paint a scenery with the sunset.  We have different options for you to choose from.  The canvas sizes are always 16 x 24 and will make a great addition to any wall in your home.  Here visiting the island, what better keepsake to take back with you. 


*Weather may permit classes from happening out on the beach but we can hold the class in the sand pit at the studio.